Organic Facials in Tucson, Arizona

At Tucson Skincare Studio, we are committed to the purity and quality of our products used in our facials. Utilizing DNA Skin Institute products, we ensure only those ingredients that are 100% natural, chemical and preservative free. These ingredients must be fresh and active in order to preserve the energetic life force of the botanicals and other ingredients.

DNA Custom Organic Facial Treatment

The DNA Custom Organic Facial uses ingredients that are chemical & preservative free.  Each carefully selected product in this facial is pure and fresh, and customized to your skin type (Acne, Pigmentation, Age Management). Using the benefits of ionic chemistry, this facial will leave your skin Radiant.

60 minutes | $150

Elevated DNA Cryostem Facial Treatment

Transcend aging with this DNA Cryostem Treatment featuring the Signal Pro™ serum.  Developed by DNA Skin Institute™, as the next step in stem cell technology, this one-of-a-kind serum promotes rapid skin regeneration while providing all the nutrients necessary for vibrant, healthy skin. Scientific tests have shown an average of 71% new growth of your own dermal cells. You will see improvement for 144 hours after your treatment.

Immediately after your first treatment, there will be a noticeable hydrating, firming, and luminous appearance to your skin. Six treatments are recommended over a 70-90 day period. The number of treatments and time period may vary based on a person’s skin and health conditions. For optimal results Signal Plus ™ is also recommended for home use.

90 minutes |  $195 (Includes Signal Pro Serum & LED)

Connective Tissue Natural Facelift

An all-natural, anti-aging ‘face lifting’ technique, Connective Tissue firms, tones and balances the tissue while enhancing collagen synthesis and encouraging deep relaxation.

60 minutes |  $150
90 minutes |  $195

Express Glow & Go Treatment

Includes Double Cleanse with Ultra Sonic Spatula,  Brightening Exfoliant, Glow Serum, Peptide Mask & LED.

45 minutes | $95
Series of 3 Purchased in Advance:  $255 (Save $30)